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What is PotatoCoin (POC)?
Potato Coin (hereinafter referred to as 'POC') is developed by Southeast Asia's largest encrypted chat social application Potatochat, a decentralized storage chain based on IPFS and smart contract technology, providing entertainment services for various video media, game applications and other entertainment industries. Centralized application development, content distribution and value exchange platforms, while also leveraging the blockchain's P2P transaction capabilities to provide a decentralized distribution and monetization platform for entertainment content owners.
POC potato coin application scenario
POC is distributed in the main chain for billing fees and some DApp and entertainment scenarios.
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Chain wallet, user self-management private key, safer

Potato Chat
Potato Chat is an open source, anti-censoring messaging application that focuses on speed and security. The application is ultra-fast, simple, secure and permanently free, with no commercial nuisance and additional subscription fees, and supports peer-to-peer payments, transfers, and red packets for mainstream digital currency assets such as BTC, ETH, and POC. Using blockchain technology to make social networking easier and more fun!
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